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Charter was granted in 1859

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on July 7, 1857

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Ellettsville's Masonic Lodge was instituted on May 28, 1857 and was granted a charter in 1859.

The first regular meeting was on July 7, 1857. During the first fifty years the lodge had 18 different masters. Barton Acuff, was the first worshipful master. He served in that office for eight years. 

The first hall was a frame building at the Southwest corner of Sale and Oak Streets. William Buchanan was the first to petition the lodge for membership. He received the master mason degree on February 28, 1858. Brother James Edward Ellett, for whom the town was named, was the twenty-eighth member of the lodge and was raised to a master mason on January 10, 1865.

The lodge's second building was a two-story structure directly across Sale Street from the present location. It had a balcony extending over the sidewalk which provided a stage for concerts by the town band. The present hall was erected in 1895. 

By 1907, the fiftieth anniversary of the lodge, there had been 195 members in the lodge. The lodge owned only the second floor. C. E. Grant owned the land and the lower floor in which he operated a store. In our second fifty year period we have added an additional 240 members.

In the Spring of 1968, the Lodge acquired the lots on the north side of the lodge hall for future use. In the Spring of 2001, the Lodge accepted a proposed plan to remodel the present hall including the addition of a first floor lodge hall on the vacant lot next door. Construction began in September of 2001. On June 28, 2004 the cornerstone of the new addition was laid with members of the Indiana Grand Lodge present. 

Most Worshipful Brother James L. Chesney, then Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Indiana, presided at the ceremonies. Currently the lodge is still in the same location and has had many Master Masons go from the lodge to be the Grand Master of Indiana. 

The lodge is very active and has just recently installed over 10 new Master Masons over the last year.

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