Indiana Freemason Blue Lodge

Stated Meetings held on 1st Tuesday at 7:30 pm at the Lodge.  Social and Dinner starts at 6:45 pm.

Freemasons welcome.

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Steven Douglas

Worshipful Master 2021

“Lodge President”

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Lodge Annual Events

Masonic Charity

GOLF Tournament

Masonic Christmas Breakfast Charity

First Responders Dinner

Masonic Charity Street Fair

Development Stages

Ellettsville Fair Sugar Shack

Installation of Officers Dinner

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Ellettsville Masonic Lodge Officers

Worshipful Master

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Steven Douglas

Senior Warden

Stephen Moss

Junior Warden

Junior Deacon

Senior Steward

Junior Steward

Senior Deacon

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Gary Brinley


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Make your way to Ellettsville, Indiana off of Indiana HWY 46. Look for SALES STREET. Its a small downtown. The building with the American flag and the Masonic Figures carved in the building is the LODGE #245.

The Lodge 245 Badge and Logo

201 North Sales Street • Ellettsville, Indiana 47429

Indiana Freemason  A.F. & A.M Lodge #245 Chartered

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